Award Level QQI Level 3 Module Code Credits
Award Title Employability Skills  
Award Code 3M0935  
Course Title Introduction to IT Skills  
MODULES Internet Skills 3N0931 10
Spreadsheets 3N0542 10
Word Processing 3N0588 10
Communications 3N0880 10
Computer Literacy 3N0881 10
Career Preparation 3N0896 10
Application of Number 3N0928 5
Health and Fitness 3N0531 10
Self Advocacy 3N0553 10
Award Level QQI Level 4 Module Code Credits
Award Title Information and Communications Technology Skills  
Award Code 4M0855  
Course Title ECDL  
MODULES Communications 4N0689 15
Mathematics 4N1987 10
Information Technology Skills 4N1125 10
Computer Applications 4N1112 10
Work Experience 4N1168 15
Personal and Interpersonal Development 4N1131 10
Personal Effectiveness 4N1132 10
Digital Media Technology 4N1858 10
Career Planning 4N1109 10
Award Level QQI Level 5 Module Code Credits
Award Title Multimedia Production  
Award Code 5M2146    
Course Title Web Authoring and Computer Graphics  
MODULES Web Authoring 5N1910 15
Computer Illustrated Graphics 5N1929 15
Work Experience 5N1356 10