Entry Requirements

Participants on this course must have attained a suitable level of competency in internet and computer skills (ECDL or equivalent) and have the ability to take initiative and solve problems creatively.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is flexible depending on individual student needs and abilities.


Students completing this course may choose to enter employment or progress to further educational courses in this or related areas.

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Course Description

Students will learn how to author a website from the basics, using HTML5 and CSS3, and how to create fully functional static web sites from the basics.
The software used during the course is Notepad++ and Adobe DreamWeaver. Creating a website design is done via a website layout created in Adobe Photoshop, for the Computer Illustrated Graphics website layouts are created in Adobe Photoshop, and illustrations such as logos in Adobe Illustrator.

For further information visit http://web.ghis.eu

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Modules Studied

Web Authoring

Computer Illustrated Graphics

Work Experience

Extra Curricular Activities