Live Well Health & Dietary Coaching


If I asked you to rate your health on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you say?

Would it be the lower end of the scale? The higher end of the scale? The middle of the scale? Why isn′t it a 1? Why isn′t it a 10? What if it could be a 9 out of 10? How do you think you would feel? Healthier? More energised? Fitter? More confident? In a better mood? Just some of the benefits.....

Spiritual, Mental, Physical Venn Diagram by CJK

What do you associate with the word "health"? Many people just associate their health with the physical aspect. What about the mental and spiritual elements?

These 3 areas of health all combine to give us a measure of a person′s overall health. They work in synchronisation and only when they are balanced, can we say that we are "healthy".

However, with todays rat-race lifestyle we can be sure that we are all slightly off balance. Some of us might dip in and out of tending to the physical aspect, going to the gym, running, walking, kettle bells etc but the other 2 areas are neglected slightly!

At LIVE WELL HEALTH & DIETARY COACHING my main focus is getting you to 10 on that scale.

What you perceive to be 10 is personal to you and nobody else. Together we will set your goals and use smaller focus points (baby steps!!) that will make those goals easy to reach.

Your health is a valuable commodity, so treat it well and you will definitely reap the benefits!

Why not start TODAY? Fill in my 3 Day Food Diary. Just click here to download the diary and take those "baby steps" to a healthier lifestyle.

Live well. Why not?